Returns & Exchanges


   English instructions after Chinese                               



  • 常見問題/ 訂單明細 上獲取退換貨申請QR code連結




  • 輸入下單時所使用的信箱         


  • 填入驗證碼


  • 選取要求退貨


  • 勾選需退換貨商品,並填寫原因、備註


    1. 備註填寫需換貨顏色及尺寸
    2. 方便物流到府取貨的時間


    1. 備註填寫方便物流到府取貨的時間
    2. 若初繳方式為「貨到付款」需提供銀行賬戶資訊以便退還相關費用




  • 看到訂單確認畫面即完成退換貨申請





  • 須保持商品的完整性,「訂單明細表、發票、吊牌、防塵袋」缺一即無法辦理退貨,如破壞袋已丟棄者請自行密封包裝唷!
  • 若下水清洗,或經人為因素而破損、沾有非衣服本身味道 (ex. 煙味、香水等)及髒污,請恕我們無法為您辦理換貨
  • 請於簽收包裹的日期開始計算7天內申請退換貨,若有逾期請恕我們無法為您辦理換貨
  • 換貨:填寫表單後1~3個工作天將由物流到府取貨,於收貨後3~5個工作天換貨商品將進行出貨
  • 退貨:填寫表單後1~3個工作天由物流到府取貨,於確認收貨後3~5工作天,將回覆您確認收貨信件,並於當月底進行退刷/匯款(提醒您提醒您,每家銀行的作業流程可能不太一樣,刷退的款項有可能會反應在下一期的帳單上)(初繳方式為信用卡將透過線上刷退進行退款,貨到付款則將透過銀行賬戶資訊進行退款)

【Returns and Exchanges Process】

Each order is entitled to one free return/exchange service within a 7-day inspection period.

  • Get the return/exchange QR code on the FAQ/Order Details page.

         Return/Exchange Application Link

  • Enter the email address used when placing the order.
  • Enter the verification code.
  • Select the 'Return Item' button.
  • Check the products to be returned/exchanged, and provide reason and notes.


  1. Please provide the desired color and size for the exchange,
  2. and a convenient time for home pickup service.


  1. Please provide a convenient time for home pickup service.
  2.  If the initial payment method was cash on delivery, please provide your bank account information for refund processing.

    *If notes are not filled out, the request will be treated as a return.

  • Once seeing the order confirmation page, your return/exchange application is complete.
  • Home pickup service takes approximately 1-3 days (excluding national holidays and weekends).

【Return & Exchange Instructions】

  • The return products must be in its original condition with "Order Details”, “Invoice”, “Hang Tag”, and “Dust Bag”. Return can’t be processed if any of these items is missing. If the bag is damaged or discarded, please seal the package by yourself. Thank you!
  • We apologize that we are unable to process an exchange for items that have been washed, damaged due to human factors, have an unnatural scent (such as smoke or perfume), or are soiled.
  • Please apply return/exchange within 7 days from the date of package delivery. We can’t process the exchange if it is overdue. 
  • Exchange: After filling out the form, logistics will pick up the goods at your doorstep within 1-3 business days, and the exchanged goods will be shipped within 3-5 business days after receiving the returned item.
  • Return: After filling out the form, logistics will pick up the goods at your doorstep within 1-3 business days. After confirming receipt of the returned item, we will send you a confirmation email within 3-5 business days, and the refund will be processed at the end of the month (Please note that the refund process may vary for different banks, and the refunded amount may appear on the next billing cycle)(refunds will be processed through online credit card for credit card payments, or bank transfer for cash on delivery payments)